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Kangen water  is filtered tap water that travels across medical grade titanium plates that have been coted in medical grade platinum which is electrified by a strong transformer, charging the high alkaline drinking water and creating three significant attributes: higher alkalinity, negative ionic charge (antioxidant) while breaking up clusters of water which allow them to better penetrate the cell wall.

Breaking up the clusters increases the level of hydration at a cellular level that simply cannot be attained with large globules of tap water molecules.

In doing so, the now healthy hydrogen-rich water helps maintain the homeostasis in the body.  

Customers are allowed 2 free gallons of this Hydrogen-enriched water a day. Bring your own bottles and jugs to the back of the store next to V Supreme Deli and Juice Bar and fill them up with our Enagic Leveluk Super 501.  Our employees will be glad to assist you if you need it. 

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